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Rio de Janeiro Olympics [Saturday, August 5, 2016-Sunday, August 21],

Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 The outline .
Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 Formula home page (Portuguese).

Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 Formula home page (English).

future’s schedule

Rio de Janeiro Olympics is the 31st time Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from August 5, 2016 to August 21.
It’s for the first time that Summer Olympics is held at in Brazil and South America continent. Holding in the Southern Hemisphere will be the 3rd time of holding in 1956 for 16 years after following Melbourne Olympics of holding and the Sydney Olympics held in 2000. I hit winter in August, but daily mean air temperature in a common year is about 22 degrees centigrade because Rio de Janeiro is located in low latitude.

process until a holding city decision

The site decided about the 121st opened in Copenhagen in Denmark on October 2, 2009 by voting of a IOC commissioner at the IOC general meeting.
Summer Olympics site voting in 2016
A city The 1st time of country The 2nd time, the 3rd time.
Rio de Janeiro Brazilian flag Brazil 26 46 66.
Madrid Spanish flag Spain 28 29 32.
Tokyo This Japanese national holiday 22 20 -.
Chicago American flag The United States of America 18 – -.

The 121st in October, 2009 was a IOC general meeting, and following over 7th kind and 2nd kind considered by Itsuwa as a new item or the recovery head in 2016 were adopted by voting as a candidate.
Holding decision
7 person system rugby
Golf (Since the 3rd time St. Louis Olympics in 1904, it’ll be the renaissance of 112 years after.)
Roller skates
It was estimated that the play which is very popular and full of feeling of speed at Europe which occupies half of neighborhood, the length of a game and a period of a IOC commissioner (It was put into effect in 2-4 days with men and women by a plan, too.) are short and that there is also a possibility of the medal acquisition at Oguni in Polynesia again, and 7 person system rugby collected the vote of all committee members’ majority in the 2nd time of voting, and was adopted as a candidate.
Further, a girl can also participate in 7 person system rugby.
After that the golf by which I voted by the system from which a play of the vote lowest rank of each time is eliminated and got the vote of the majority as of 3 plays of preferential voting which is omitted by the order of the roller skates, the squash and the baseball and left was adopted until the play which gets the vote of the majority went out. Tiger Wood and a famous player of each country were put into effect as an individual match of a stroke play in 72 holes by 60 people for each of men and women (4 days) by a plan, and when results of sponsor acquisition connected with Olympics much, were estimated. Every time the karate which was most vote piled up voting in the time when voting to 6 plays was performed after 7 person system rugby adoption decision, I reduced the vote and didn’t come to adoption.
Adoption decided about 7 person system rugby and golf by voting of a IOC commissioner at the IOC general meeting in October, 2009. Golf was 63 votes of agreement, and 27 votes of opposition and 7 person system rugby were 81 votes of agreement and 8 votes of opposition, and I got the majority necessary to adoption both.

Rio Olympics and map

in a para Olympic athletic meeting place

rose area
Maria Lenk Aquatic Center – Diving and water polo.
Olympic Aquatics Stadium – Swimming race and synchronized swimming.
Olympic Hockey Stadium – Hockey.
Olympic Tennis Stadium – Tennis.
Olympic Training Centre – Judo, basketball, taekwondo, wrestling and handball.
Rio Sen fatty tuna – boxing, table tennis, badminton and weight lifting
Arena and ORINPIKA- exercise
Reserva de Marapendi – Golf.

Deodoro Arena – Fencing.
National Shooting Centre – Shooting.
National Equestrian Centre – Horsemanship.
Deodoro Modern Pentathlon Park – Five kinds of modern times.
Olympic BMX Center – Bicycle (BMX).
Olympic Mountain Bike Park – Bicycle (mountain bike).
Olympic Whitewater Stadium – A marathon swimming.

Mara mosquito nan area
Mara mosquito nan – ceremony meeting place and soccer
The ESUTAJIO Olin p, Joan and ABERANJE- athletics
SANBODOROMO DA, Marques and the SAPUKAI- archery and marathon goal spot

Kopa mosquito burner area
Kopa mosquito burner – triathlon and beach volleyball
FUREMENGO park – bicycle road race
Marina and DA and Gloria- sailing
Rodrigo and DE Frey TASS lake- canoe and boat

besides Rio de Janeiro
Both are a meeting place of a soccer preliminary and a final tournament.
ARENA DE and San Paulo (San Paulo)